Joel – Here For Us

It has been a while since I constructed a thought of any magnitude but as the little man lies resting in the incubator I am reminded that his name means ‘worshiper of God’, and that’s exactly what he’s doing, praying and getting stronger whilst the world looks in on this gospel version of the Truman show.

The book of Joel speaks of a time of great devastation by an army of locusts and we can look at this and conclude that this situation with baby Joel is akin to being under attack by the same. However, what a lot of people miss is that these locust were indicative of God’s army and a foretaste of the coming judgment of God (the day of the Lord).

The young Oluwatobi is really foreshadowing this wonderful book as we

  1. Witness the lament of the people (hundreds of people are praying for his complete recovery)
  2. Observe the call for national repentance (people are realising the power of prayer and not only are their prayers strengthening young Joel, they are also bringing people back closer to The Lord, where once their faith waned)
  3. God promises future blessings (it is evident that this boy will be loved and cherished by many as he grows and he will not only be blessed but will be a blessing to others)
  4. He will be vindicated just as the people of Israel were (the issues that come with being born prematurely will diminish and disappear and will have no influence on his precious life in the the future).

In only a few days/weeks of life this ‘worshipping’ boy has brought many more closer to God than ever before. Humbly resting, he has made people understand the insignificance of their own issues and brought them all together and praying in unison. He has made us look into our hearts and see past the material ‘wants’ in life and take stock of the ‘needs’ of others. He has for some of us educated us on the nature of giving and supporting our fellow man.

In his short but ever growing and powerful life he’s made a difference, and yes this is a difficult time for all involved but it has forced all of us to re-evaluate our lives and embrace the revelation that God is our rock to cling to on the great precipice of life. He, through times of dark woe will bring us back into the light through such a situation and his name will be glorified.

Joyce and Daniel, you have wisely chosen his name. The name itself combines the covenant name of God, Yahweh, and el (God), often translated as “one to whom Yahweh is God,” that is, a worshiper of Yahweh. Be encouraged family, we all love what this young man has already done in the life of myself and others.

Joel may be a minor prophet but this Joel has helped us ‘profit’ greatly in our lives and relationship with God. Be blessed

– Adonye Orumbie

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